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My one on one coaching session with Margo and the horses was the most miraculous experience I believe that I have ever had.  The exercises that Margo directed were incredibly  helpful.  She helped me identify key thoughts and emotions that I have not been willing to address for a very long time.  The horses actually felt my emotions and were more than willing to help me through the coaching session. The entire experience was incredible. I came away feeling enlightened and empowered.  I highly recommend her services.— P. J.
WOW, I had a blast yesterday, that was so much fun! It was a wonderful learning experience and great team building! Thanks ever so much! Thanks for providing an invaluable service! You guys rock!!!!! Thanks so much! —K.W. Medical Services Coordinator

Margo, The Leadership and Team building activities were outstanding. As I stated yesterday, the activities were relaxing and gave me new insight to the importance of verbal as well as non verbal communication and the importance of focusing on what we can do, not what we cannot do. It was great and you are a very skilled presenter. I LOVED THE HORSES—except combing the tail…..but I did it anyway. Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with us!
— C C   Regional Program Specialist

Margo: I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience yesterday. I will definitely apply all that I learned in my work and personal life. I really enjoy all of it! — B P medical services coordinator

I learned that it takes a herd to complete tasks when one of the horses is not capable of thinking outside the box (I am referring to myself-the old gray mare). Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with responsibilities that we sometimes forget that we have all kinds of resources available to us, we can go ask one of the pretty ponies for assistance!
LR  Operations Director for Programs

When I called Margo I had gotten so tired and run down from supporting everyone else in my life that I didn’t even know how to start to get out of that hole. In just one short phone call I was able to feel connected and heard for the first time in months! Margo gave me some simple tools to use until we talked again. I had to modify it slightly when it came time to use it but the following week was one of the best I had experienced in almost 4 months. On the next phone call Margo immediately celebrated my successes and sense of refreshment with me and had yet more tools for me to use! So far I feel like I am making headway instead of just treading water!  I can’t wait to continue my phone coaching! —JC

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