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Mar 302014

Should or Could?

Last weekend I found myself with a little extra time. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish during this rare occasion so I jumped right in and got started even though I really didn’t feel like doing it. The longer I sat and tried to work, the more frustrated and tired I became. I was uninspired and felt like I HAD to do this right now. I kept thinking that I have so little time to devote to my business I shouldn’t waste this opportunity. So, like a good little soldier I attempted to push through and get it done.

It was a colossal mistake. The harder I tried, the worse it got. Nothing was working out like I wanted. The work I was completing was terrible and I was unhappy with the results. My frustration grew and grew, but still I carried on trying to force the flow of creativity and inspiration.

After several hours of this madness, I finally threw in the towel and walked away. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing nothing. Well, that’s not exactly true. I read, I watched TV, I took a walk, I sat on the patio and contemplated the vastness of nature and the universe. I played with the cats. I gave myself a pedicure. I stopped thinking about work and my to-do list and allowed myself to just BE.

Once or twice during that time the little gremlin in my head told me I shouldn’t be wasting my time. It told me I should be doing something productive for my business. But, guess what? I took the advice of the great Tony Robbins and turned my should into could.  I COULD work on my business, or I COULD read a book. I COULD write my blog, or I COULD sit on the patio and enjoy the warm spring day.  I COULD get a lot accomplished, but I CHOSE not to. Instead I chose me.

It’s interesting how that works. Suddenly I was operating from choice. The guilt melted away along with the have to’s, should have’s, and gotta get it done’s. In stepping back and recognizing that I have a choice, the space opened up around me and I began to relax and enjoy the day. Wow! What a difference! I woke up the next morning with so many inspirational ideas I couldn’t write them down fast enough. I felt amazingly refreshed and ready to tackle anything that came up. Everything flowed.

By opening up that space and giving myself permission to chose, I was able to honor me. I was able to let go of all the self induced pressure to get things done. I COULD have, but I didn’t. It’s that simple. It’s amazing how one little word can change everything.

So, today I’m going to ask you……what would happen if you turn your shoulds into coulds?

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