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Take Care of Yourself so You Can take Care of Others —

Are you ready to just breathe? If you’re a caregiver, you know what it’s like to be there. Now is the time for you to be there for yourself! Take a moment and sign up for our FREE GIFT to you — a daily Moment from Nature sent directly to your inbox. These “moments” reflect the best of the web — and will allow you to take a moment each day to just breathe for yourself — and taking that moment makes you a better caregiver.

Care Givers Need Care, Too

Are you burned out? Frustrated? Don’t know where to turn or what to do next? Do you feel isolated and as if others don’t understand the problems you’re dealing with?  Care giving is often a thankless job. There are many demands made of caregivers by others and they often loose themselves along the way.

Private Coaching

Galloping to Greatness offers one-on-one coaching either over-the-phone or with horses or both! Get one-on-one attention and one-on-one support — remember, taking care of YOU is critical if you take care of others.

Retreats & Worshops

A supportive group setting is often just what we need to heal and grow. Galloping to Greatness offers a variety of retreats and workshops throughout the year — and if we don’t have one that fits your schedule, just ask and we’ll try to schedule one just for you and your group.

FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Do you know you want to find a change but still have questions or do you want to find out more about the experience of Equine Gestalt Coaching? Then scheduling a FREE 30 minute consultation is for you! Call us today at 806.795.7555 and let’s schedule a time to talk!!

While trying to take care of everyone else, caregivers usually forget to take care of themselves. The mantra goes something like this: I don’t have time, I’m too tired, I don’t have anyone to help, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done, no one understands. Sadly, what caregivers forget is that they have to take care of themselves first in order to be effective. Living in a state of exhaustion, worry, and stress serves no one, least of all the caregiver.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to learn how to take care of you. Galloping to Greatness offers a safe, supportive environment that allows you to get back some of what you’re always giving out. With an array of services available for both professional and personal caregivers Margo will provide a unique, supportive and memorable experience based on your needs

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